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4:16 p.m. @ June 03, 2003

It was through theDiary Land Quilt that I found one of my most favorite online journals to read. The name of the journal is Tornlace. I was at first very attracted to her layout. I loved the dark colors and the care that looked poured into her journal. I was equally drawn to the subjects, content and style of writing. I really suggest that if any of my readers have yet to experience her diary, you do so now. There is, of course, another reason as to why I like this particular diary as well as I do; And that is I can relate to so many of her situations on a very personal level. I visited her journal today and looked at her art work, which I hadn’t done until now. It was, for a lack of a better word, amazing. I don’t even know if this girl realizes the amount of talent she possesses. But I was thoroughly impressed, which is saying quite a bit seeing as how critical I tend to be. Please at least visit her site for her art work, if for no other reason. You will lack disappointment. I believe it was Tuesday that I read her journal and noticed that she mentioned being reviewed by the moronic online journal reviewers here at Diary Land. Honestly, I was expecting to read reviewer after reviewer praise her site and her writing. But instead they unjustly criticized her. The first complaint was someone saying that her layout goes on “forever”. Apparently this was written by someone with severe ADHD that cannot appreciate what we writers refer to as content. This idiot goes on to say that the picture she has chosen seems out of place. What the hell is so out of place about a picture that is perfectly centered right smack in the middle of the top of the page? Miss Elizabeth, the obviously “highly educated” reviewer, suggests that the author of tornlace should wrap her words around the picture. That is exactly what people who do not know any better would do. That would make it out of place. Then she goes on to complain about the content and how her attention isn’t grabbed. She says she finds it hard to read the entries because “they seem to lack sentence “cohesion”. Yeah, having the IQ of an 11-year-old will do that to you. This is funny coming from someone whose reviews were totally disintegrated. What Miss Elizabeth also cannot seem to grasp is that her entries are written as she feels them. For those of you who know anything about emotions, you know that they are never perfectly structured within us. Therefore, they are displayed on her page as they are because her words are literally coming from within. Anyone with a thought process knows this. What’s funny to me is under the errors section, this dim-wit says she doesn’t like how tornlace’s entries lack the usage of capitals, yet she wrote that comment all in lower case. Somewhat hypocritical aren’t we? I have found more grammatical errors in this review than I ever have in the tornlace journal. She then goes on to say , “Felt like I had to search for the navigation links at the bottom of the screen, even though I didn’t. Still felt like it though.” Makes sense. Even proper use of grammar wouldn’t have made any sense out of this comment. Then she nags about there being too many surveys and links. Was this reviewer beat with a stupid stick or what? Is that not the point; To give your readers something to actually read? I hate going to sites where the author writes a few lines on a basic layout, then offers the reader nothing else. These reviewers want you to have content, yet that is the one thing they hold most over tornlace’s head. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. When asked if this reviewer would return to the tornlace journal, she has the audacity to say, “Heh heh, deepest apologies, but I am not your target reader.” Well, thank God for that! Who the hell needs a sniveling bitch griping about how her brain can’t hold information for more than 30 seconds reading anyone‘s page? These reviews are totally useless. I read some of the journals that they did in fact praise. And you know what? I wouldn’t recommend those diaries to my worst enemy.

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